How to Use Your Charcoal Grill as a Smoker?

When it comes to charcoal grills people don’t understand that best indooor grills can be used as a smokers too, people insists on buying a smoker instead but what I feel like asking is why do you want to waste money on buying something that you already have , yes something that you already have , if you have a charcoal grill and you want to smoke something you don’t need to buy a smoker you can simply turn your Weber 15501001 Charcoal Grill into one you would feel it’s better to buy one why would anyone want to put extra efforts but trust me you don’t have to put any extra efforts you just need to read what I’m writing.

If you are cool with grilling on a charcoal grill then you have nothing to worry about what I mean here is that if you know how to work with indirect heat things would be easier for you when t comes to smoking on a grill. Follow the steps mentioned below to use your grill as a smoker –

1. Fill your chimney with about 1/3 briquettes.

2. Once all the briquettes are properly lit, pour charcoal over on side of the grate.

3. You can use charcoal basket if you wish to as they hold charcoals/coal close to each other and it helps in burning them slowly.

4. On one side of the grate you need to put all of the coal that you have and on the other side, you need to put a foil pan, a large and disposable one.

5. Once you get done with placing it , be careful and pour 2 to 3 cups of water on the pan, the water in the pan plays very important role in the smoking as it helps maintain really low temperature which we all know is need for smoking it not only helps in maintaining the temperature to also produces moisture .

6. Give 30 mins to 1 hour to the coal to burn fully and to water to heat properly.

7. Drop some wood chips on the coals directly, place your meat on the top part of grate which you are using for cooking over the pan (water pan) and then cover your grill properly.

8. If necessary add more coal to maintain the temperature.

See how easy it was to turn your grill into a smoker and I believe it is not much work, at least it’s better than spending a lot of your money on a brand new smoker now you can save that money or take your wife or son or any other member for shopping and then get back home and smoke some meat for them on yourself made smoker and don’t forget to tell them that the meat they would be eating would b smoked on a grill and if they don’t believe you just the way you were not believing me, show them how you yourself turned your charcoal grill into an amazing charcoal smoker. Think and you would realize that something which you wish to buy you already have.

How to Cook Pizza on a Pellet Smoker?

99.9 % of the total population of this world loves pizza so basically, we have the world full of pizza lovers and I see no harm in it but there are people who love grilling, smoking and pizza at the same time what about time? More than half of the population doesn’t know that we can cook pizza on a pellet smoker too, people think pizzas can only be made in oven or microwave this article is all about clearing the myth.

Ingredients you would need for the dough-

  1. Warm water ( 2/3 cups )
  2. Active dry yeast ( 2 ½ teaspoons )
  3. Sugar ( ½ teaspoon )
  4. REC TEC Pellet Grill/Smoker
  5. Kosher salt ( 1 teaspoon )
  6. Oil ( 1 tablespoon )
  7. All purpose flour (1 ¾ – 2 cups )
  8. Fine cornmeal ( ¼ cup )


Ingredients for the toppings-

  1. Grilled portabella ( 1 large, sliced)
  2. Artichoke hearts ( 1 jar, chopped )
  3. Fontina cheese ( 1 cup )
  4. Parmigiano ( shave, divided, ½ cup )
  5. Roasted garlic
  6. Olive oil ( ¼ cup)
  7. Banana peppers


1. In a glass put water, yeast, and sugar and then stir after stirring leave the mixture for about 10minutes so that it starts to form.

2. Take a mixture put 1 ¾ cup flour, salt, and sugar in it and mix them and side by side put oil into the yeast mixture. Slowly add water to the mixture and increase the speed of the mixture.

3. You need to keep this point in your mind, your dough needs to be smooth, not sticky.

4. Make a ball out of the dough.

5. Take a large bowl and put a very thin layer of oil and then take your ball and coat it with a layer of olive oil and keep it aside so that it can form properly for about an hour.

6. Once you get done with the making of the dough you need to start your Traeger which is on your smoker with its lid open for about 5-6 minutes then set the temperature to 450 F and preheat and don’t forget to place a pizza stone in your pellet grill while pre-heating it

7. You need to evenly spread the cornmeal on the peel (pizza peel) and then punch the dough down that you have prepared and roll it out to form a perfect circle on a floured surface and then place the dough carefully on the pizza peel and assemble all the toppings on it.

8. Once you get done with the toppings place your pizza slowly on the pizza stone and bake it till the time the crust turn golden brown

9. Cut it evenly and serve.

Grilling is fun I don’t think there is anything that we can’t cook over a grill and at last smoky flavor is loved by all.

Non Stick Pans v/s Normal Pans – Choose Wisely

The invention of Teflon was accidental yet it changed the cooking techniques of this world. Cooking now became nonstick and more and more people desired to own non-stick pans. Cooking an omelet became easier because it now it did not stick to the pan. But today the asseveration that nonstick pans were revolutionary is being contested. Today, we will discuss how nonstick pans and normal pans are different when it comes to cooking (which is their task obviously).


  1. Utility

Nonstick pans are generally used when very high temperatures are not in the picture. Nonstick pans are great for delicate items that do not require high temperatures as food doesn’t stick. Whereas, normal or stainless steel pans find great utility in stove-top cooking techniques such as sautéing, searing and pan roasting. Nonstick pans are good for low-fat cooking, eggs, and pancakes while normal or stainless steel pans are great surfaces for overall cooking. Also, stainless steel pans or cast iron pans are better for pan sauces. Hence, nonstick pans do not have a very wide range of utility.

  1. Convenience

Non-stick pans are very convenient and are considered to be the most widely chosen options for eggs and flaky varieties of fish. Nonstick pans are lightweight whereas normal pans can be very heavy. As the name suggests, food doesn’t stick to the surface of nonstick pans but when it comes to normal pans, it depends on the method of cooking. Food may or may not stick on the surface of normal pans – this is governed by the temperatures that a pan may be subjected to.

  1. Maintenance

Nonstick pans are not easy to maintain when compared to normal pans at high heats. It is a known fact that the Teflon coating on nonstick pans is prone to scratching and can wear away easily. It must be ensured that nonstick pans are not subjected to very high temperatures and that the other utensils used for cooking are not abrasive or sharp. Wooden or silicone spatulas are recommended when using nonstick pans. Moreover, nonstick pans should not be used in the oven. Whereas, the normal plans do require attention during use but there are hardly any restrictions on using them with sharp objects. Normal pans are almost always durable while nonstick pans do not have a stellar lifetime.

  1. Some facts

The idea that a nonstick coating can be hazardous to health is a dogma. There is no scientific evidence to vindicate the asseveration. The EPA and FDA have laid claims that Teflon particulates cannot affect human health in any way – though wearing away of Teflon coating with every usage continuous to be an issue. Also, many culinary authorities around the world vehemently stand against the usage of all types of nonstick vessels. Normal pans are nonreactive while Teflon is considered somewhat reactive. As a matter of fact, normal pants are bright and it is easy to see food being cooked while nonstick pans are dark.


Above facts are aimed at helping to put out the dilemma regarding the choice of pans. You are advised to assess your usage requirements before you go on choosing a plan for yourself.

How to present food in a manner that adds to the flavor

Critics and foodies all over the world agree that there are a few aspects to food that make its flavor irresistible. Such essential elements of food are: colors, textures, decoration and garnish. When we talk about food presentation, we recognize it as an art that touches on the aesthetic appeal of food. If food presentation is scrupulous enough that it reflects a blend of perfection in all the elements aforementioned, food is bound to behoove and entice both the chef and the consumer. In this article, we will discuss food presentation in a manner that it enhances the flavor.

  1. Colors

First things first. Colors have a lot to do with the appeal that a cuisine would be presenting to the consumer. It would be pertinent to discuss colors with some examples –

  • Red – signifies passion and excitement
  • Green – brings coolness and calms down
  • Black – signifies elegance
  • Blue – scuppers appetite

Hence, colors are capable of conveying the flavor of food and can be utilized as powerful entities to maneuver and manipulate food presentation.

  1. Textures

Textures are considered to be very typical elements of food presentation. They are generally employed with absorbing contrasts to make food appear more captivating and so enhance its flavor. Appearance is always the first thing that makes food delicious. Disheveled textures are bound to deteriorate the flavor of food even before it is tried. Firm and soft, silky and rigid textures are very often used to impart a visual interest to food. Chefs would love to play around with contrasts in textures to make their recipes more appealing.


  1. Decoration

When it comes to decorating the recipes, there are certainly no thumb rules. But the only idea to be kept in mind is that the decorations are better off when they are edible. This way the food and the decorations belong together. Herbs, spices or ingredients can be used for decorating the platter. Also, the idea of using parsley, leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes and lemon slices as decoration cannot be ruled. As a matter of fact, such decoration vow to make food more and more enticing.

  1. Garnish

Garnishing comes in as an essential component of food presentation. It is believed to enhance texture and flavor of a dish.

  1. Set the table right

Now that we have discussed a lot about preparing the platter, knowing some little things would make our knowledge better. Dining table must be properly set. Knives and forks should be in the right places.

  1. Proper selection of plates

The size of the plates should be so discreetly chosen that they are spacious enough and small enough that the food items do not appear tiny.


  1. Odd numbers

When serving food on the platter, we should bear in mind that food items appear more appealing when arranged in odd numbers. So one might consider shuffling numbers while arranging food items on plates. It, somehow, enhances flavors.

Having known these facts and learned certain aspects of presenting food in a manner that adds to the flavor, it’s your chance to get your hands on it.

10 Electric Smoker Recipes You Should Try

Electric Smoker has vowed to make cooking easy and life simpler. Moreover, the device is also celebrated for its environment-friendly cooking techniques. It also provides a massive cooking space. And, the wide range of recipes available for it beautifully complements its utility. Here, we would see some of the recipes that should be on your list. Let’s see what those recipes are.

  1. Sweet and Spicy Smoked Ham

Combine honey, dark brown sugar, Dijon mustard, cloves and a butter marinade injection kit with butt portion ham to come up with an absolute finesse in the form of Sweet and Spicy Smoked Ham. Use Hickory wood chips for a great smoky flavor. Ladle some marinade over the end product. Slice and serve.

  1. Redneck Ribs

Another pork recipe. You will need some ketchup, apple jelly, steak sauce, brown sugar, salt and black pepper for barbecue sauce and onion powder, garlic powder and country style pork ribs in your electric smoker. Use heavy-duty aluminum foil to smoke while basting with sauce. Baste with more sauce to serve when ready.


  1. Smoked Chicken Thighs

Lawry’s seasoning and chicken thighs are the only ingredients you will need for this recipe if you have access to a smoker. Season and smoke for three hours until ready.

  1. Smoked Chicken Wings

Grab some Italian dressings and your favorite dry rub with some chicken wings. Wings are to be cleaned and separated a day before and placed in a freezer overnight. Next day, cook for 1-1.5 hours to get it ready.

  1. Beef Jerky

Combine sirloin, ground black pepper, soy sauce, cidar vinegar, hot pepper sauce and Worcestershire sauce with some beef. Smoke for 6-8 hours until edges start appearing dry with tinge of moisture. At this moment, your recipe is ready to serve.

  1. Smoked Leg of Lamb

You would require some apple or cherry wood chips, whole leg of lamb, whipping cream, Dijon style mustard, snipped fresh rosemary and cracked black pepper. Serve the end product with beaten whipping cream, stir in mustard and rosemary. Sprinkle with pepper, if desired.


  1. Smoked Salmon

Kosher salt, white sugar, brown sugar, lemon pepper, dry crab and shrimp seasoning mix, black pepper, hot pepper sauce, lemons, oranges and salmon are the thing you will need. Serve this dish with fresh squeezed lemon or lime.

  1. Smoked Tuna

One inch thick tuna steaks, salt, pepper, granulated garlic, prague powder, honey and water would bring about a perfect blend and a great taste of seafood. Mix all ingredients in water until dissolved and cook for about seven hours.

  1. Smoked Cheese Pizza

Some pizza dough, pizza sauce, whole milk mozzarella cheese and clarified butter make up a great vegetarian delight. Cook for 1-1.5 hours. Remove from the smoker once cheese appears nice and hot.

  1. Smoked Dessert Pizza

Grab some pizza dough with your favorite candy, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, Graham crackers to make a delightful and succulent dessert. Serve with prepared toppings, chocolate sauce and crackers over the top. Cook for another five minutes to melt the candy. When you are done, you are ready with an amazing dessert.


Now when you know that there are these amazing recipes and with an electric smoker at hand, rush for those required components use your smoker to the fullest

5 Caribbean Dishes You Ought to Taste Before You Die

Caribbean food is an impeccable blend of various cultures topped with native island spices and herbs that compose a captivating taste and a desirable aroma – it’s a marriage of flavors. While the islands have innumerable recipes to offer, there are certain extremely popular recipes that are worth a shot. Every human must, at least once in a lifetime, try Caribbean recipes. And, if somebody is a food lover, they can never deny the inclination that immediately develops for Caribbean recipes. Here is worked out list of 5 Caribbean recipes that you should try before you die.

  1. Chicken Jerk Pasta

This creamy, sweet and spicy dish is crafted out of ingredients such as boneless chicken breasts, butter, asparagus, mushroom, parsley and hair pasta. This recipe is incomplete without Caribbean jerk seasoning that provides the popular flavor and befitting name.


  1. Caribbean Rice and Beans

This is one dish that both non-vegetarians and vegans will love. It is possible to cook it with either chicken or vegetable stock. Ready in less than five minutes, this culinary delight comprises of scotch bonnet pepper, black beans and rice wine vinegar coupled with either chicken or veggie stock. It can be served with hot sauce, preferably Tabasco.

  1. Jerk Chicken Wings

This is another recipe that consists of Caribbean jerk seasoning. Prepare sauce and rub seasoning into chicken. The chicken then has to be grilled and the dish is ready to mesmerize you within twenty minutes. Mustard barbecue sauce, brown sugar, some crushed pineapple and ginger are the components that comprise the flavor of Jerk Chicken Wings when coupled with chicken wings and Caribbean Jerk seasoning.

  1. Coconut and Bean Soup

If Caribbean cuisine is a haven for non-vegetarian foodies, it is also a great eating place for the vegetarians. This dish is one that exemplifies the idea of Caribbean as a great food hub. Ready to serve within 30 minutes, this dish has the essence of sunflower oil, a little red pepper, scotch bonnet chili, garlic cloves, thyme, allspice, plum tomatoes, vegetable stocks, kidney beans, pinto beans, black-eyed beans, coconut milk and lime.

Ladle the cooked soup into bowls and scatter with spring onions to serve.


  1. Avocado Salad

For the health conscious and the fruit lovers, this dish stands tall among great Caribbean dishes and has an image of its own. That is obviously beyond the ambit of a salad but this simple dish has sharp and sweet flavors to offer. With the stunning flavors of pumpkin seeds, papaya, watercress, fresh mint, juice of lime and olive oil; avocados form a blend that turns out to be a superb salad with a tendency to keep you coming back for more. The taste of Avocado salad is something you cannot have enough of.

These five dishes are bound to make you drool and fall in love with Caribbean cuisine. In a world, which is deluged with recipes, it is no surprise that you would not find enough time to try them all. But, these Caribbean dishes are some things worth a try. Before the concept of time ceases to exist, step out and try these dishes.

Caribbean Cuisine – What Makes It so Irresistible

The group of countries where stellar athletes and blissful people galore also has a great taste in food. While trying Caribbean cuisine provides an impulse of trying something new, the food in guaranteed to get you back, craving for more. There are certain aspects of Caribbean cuisine that make it irresistible. Let’s see what they are –

  1. Versatility

Caribbean cuisine is an immaculate conglomerate of African, American, Indian, Arab and Chinese cuisines. With this sort of diversity, the Caribbean cuisine is replete with innumerable recipes that have a tendency of tickling your taste buds.


  1. Common Ingredients

Even with wide range of recipes to choose from, the commonly used ingredients are basic and can be found in common households. What makes a recipe different is the innovation that led to its existence and a fitting blend of spices that is the quintessence of the Caribbean. The commonly used ingredients are: rice, beans, cilantro, chickpeas, tomatoes, sweet potato, coconuts etc. Besides, meat also constitutes such ingredients – beef, poultry, pork and fish can be easily found in many recipes.

  1. The Rum Cake

As the name suggests, this cake contains rum. A traditional holiday dessert, this serves as the best choice when you are out on the beach with friends. Also, the raisins and other dry fruits used in making this cake are also soaked in rum. Needless to say, one might become intoxicated if they happen to fall in love with rum cake.

  1. The Succulent Meat

Meat is widespread throughout the Caribbean. Most of the remarkable Caribbean recipes are built on meat marinated with ginger, lime and chilies. While poultry is an essential component of many recipes, Caribbean cuisine doesn’t fail in catering to the tastes of vegans. The Caribbean cuisine is also pregnant with veggie recipes that taste and feel equally good.

  1. Fresh food

Usage of fresh ingredients forms the essence of Caribbean cooking. The recipes are amazingly enhanced by island spices and herbs that also add to the flavor of dishes on the platter. The Caribbean food is an incredible combination of multicultural influences and tropical flavors that has a history that started gaining ground centuries ago.


  1. Multicultural Influences

As stated earlier, Caribbean cuisine is highly influenced by the occident and the orient alike. It boasts of culinary influxes from England, France, Spain and China. African slavery in the Caribbean played an important role in molding and framing of the cuisine that can be seen around. Spanish and Chinese influences can be figured out from various recipes that are highly tendacious to these cultures. Apart from that, the Caribbean cuisine has managed to create a reputation of its own with the help of foreign inspirations.

Some popular Caribbean dishes are jerk chicken pasta, coconut shrimp and barbecue ribs.

With so much to offer, the Caribbean is quite a haven for food lovers. It has a never ending range to offer along with flavors that have all sort of taste buds falling in love with it. Try Caribbean food today!

Why should you keep your dinner light?

Food is the topic that brings people from different cultures and places together for some stirring discussion because pleasing our taste buds is one of our favourite things to do. But in this process of exciting our feel-good-hormones by eating delicious stuff, we may ignore the basic eating habits that can help us to lead a healthier life ahead. One such protocol is ‘keeping our dinner light’. The quote “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” still stands true for a lot of reasons which are –

  1. Improves Digestion – Digestion, as we all know, is the process of splitting up of our food into complex substances that can, later on, be absorbed by our bodies easily. Digestion is faster when you are upright and active physically than just laying on the bed. Therefore, eating hearty meals at night further slows down the process of digestion. Indigestion later on leads to acidity and many other gastric problems. To avoid these problems, eating light food can assist your digestive system in doing its job.


  1. Weight Loss – Majority of the population today is hitting the gyms in order to lose weight and build a perfect body. But according to scientific studies, our food habits play 70% of the role in giving a desirable shape to our bodies. If you consume most of your calories just before going to sleep, the chances of you losing weight decrease. Hence eating light at night can also play a major role in helping you to have a fit body.
  2. Good Sleep – For a sound sleep at night, you should avoid heavy meals, spicy food, and caffeine. Indigestion caused by heavy meals interferes with sleep. By eating light and healthier carbs, you’ll be boosting your relaxation hormones. You should include whole grain food in your dinner for better sleep quality.
  3. Blood Sugar Control – Many people eat, what they call comfort food, in the evenings to treat themselves at the end of a hard day but it’s a self-defeating response to stress. To optimize your blood sugar level, you should have a light dinner one or two hours before bedtime. This will also prevent night time hypoglycemia. 
  1. Energized Body and Mind – Eating a small dinner promotes brain function and elevates mood level. An early and light dinner gives your body and mind time to re-energise themselves for the next day apart from working on digestion and nutrient extraction. When you allow your body’s system to work the way they are programmed, you’ll not feel tired and exhausted the next day.


Just the way drinking too much alcohol causes a hangover the next day which wears you down; eating a large high-fat meal at night can overload your digestive system and cause problems such as indigestion and even obesity. It might interfere in your sleep as well slowing your body physically and mentally the next day. The key here is to maintain balance throughout the day. Have a wholesome meal in the morning but have a light and healthy meal a dinner and see the change yourself. You’ll fall asleep easily and wake up with a fresh mind and clean bowels and have an amazing day ahead.

What makes an ultimate breakfast meal?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as eating a healthy breakfast daily can prevent weight gain, lower the risk of diseases like diabetes, boost stamina and help your mind and body to function throughout the day. Most people tend to find it the most boring meal of the day because we tend to eat the same thing day in and day out and don’t really experiment because of the crunch of time or calorie intake. The breakfast should be a healthy and flavoursome meal but what constitutes it is often a question that remains unanswered. A healthy meal should contain two or all of the constituents of these food groups: whole grains, dairy (low fat preferable), protein and fruits and vegetables.


Whole grain cereals and oats must be included in the breakfast because they are rich in fiber and help in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Also, try and stay away from cereals with added sugar if you want to lose weight because those contain a lot of calories. You should also include a lean source of protein such as eggs, tofu, and peanut butter as they may help you feel fuller for longer hours. A person’s carbohydrates intake depends on their preferences and workout timings but for an average person, he/she should have dairy products like yogurt with fresh fruits or a glass of flavored milk. Fruits like apple, oranges, bananas and berries help in making a wholesome breakfast as they are rich in vitamins and minerals and also contain a lot of fiber. Strawberries are good source of potassium and manganese whereas oranges are rich in Vitamin C. You can also have your fruits in liquid form as fresh juices but try to avoid packaged ones which might contain sugar or preservatives. Though most nutritionists do not suggest having tea or coffee but for an energy boost to kick start your morning, you can have your cup of coffee as long as you are not having 4 cups a day.


In today’s scenario, people have a time and energy constraint and don’t really care about what they are eating, they may consider granola bars as healthy or hash brown and sausages as a proper breakfast but that ends up affecting their health in a negative way and decreases their metabolism. There is a need to start your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast because your body and mind need to function for the rest of the day properly and even if you don’t sleep a night before or you sleep for 12 hours straight, a breakfast is needed to proceed to the day ahead in a positive manner. An ultimate breakfast should contain elements from the above-mentioned food groups but it’s not limited to it. You can always come up with new flavor combinations which might just be as healthy as cereals with milk is, or a whole wheat toast with peanut butter is. So you should always try for new breakfast dishes which are not just healthy but are flavorsome as well and  you might just come up with your won ultimate breakfast meal.

8 Things I learnt about Cooking from Masterchef

We all love Masterchef and not just because the show’s judges are handsome and charming but also because of the format of the show, the contestants’ heart-warming stories and the cooking challenges. There has been genuine sweat and tears, culinary fireworks and flops and delightfully nonsensical babble about food. The show has become a popular favourite because it connects with its audience and also because it’s quite addictive once you start watching it. A lot of us learnt a lot of tips and techniques for cooking from the programme but apart from what ingredient should be added to what dish, we also learnt quite a few life lessons about cooking that’ll help us in a long time to come. Here’s what I learnt from the show-

  1. Be Inventive! – Masterchef judges are always pleased with the contestants who take a little risk or show a bit of initiative. You must be inventive and try out new flavour combinations, but within reason, since there is a line between genius and insanity when it comes to cooking. For example, vanilla mash worked out wonderfully for a contestant but blue cheese ice cream didn’t, so don’t restrict yourself with mainstream flavours and try out other combination of ingredients and cooking styles as well.


  2. Stay Calm – Cooking is not a tedious activity only if you do not make it one. Stay calm in the kitchen and plan out what you need to do step by step and do not make rash decisions just because of time constraint. Remember slow and steady wins the race? Here, you’ll win hearts with your cooking.
  3. Keep it simple – This is the trick which helps most of the contestants when they are nervous and have no idea of what to do. To avoid over complication and confusion, realize that keeping it simple is better than ruining the whole dish by adding 15 ingredients and giving it a long name.
  4. Be passionate – Cooking is an art and if you’re not passionate enough while cooking, it does show on your plate. Dedicate yourself completely and learn to focus even in a chaotic environment and praises will come your way. It’s good to be passionate but don’t forget to be humble. Always appreciate advice and criticism.
  5. Don’t be too messy – We all know that cooking can be really messy at times but to focus better you need a cleaner environment. Also, a messy chef means messy food. So, try to clear up your space whenever it gets too messy and you are not able to concentrate.
  6. Presentation matters – Your food may be quite flavoursome but if it’s not presented in the right way, your hard work in getting the flavours right goes to waste. A well-presented dish pleases the eye of the judges and they get more excited about tasting the dish. You must get the visuals of your dish right because it’s the first sensation the recipient will get from your food.
  7. Be creative – Don’t shy away from being creative in the kitchen. Re-invent old classics and try making your own dressing for salads. Even if it doesn’t taste good in the first try, you’ll learn from your mistake and perfect the dish the next time.
  8. Inspire and Be Inspired – Cooking with the same techniques and flavour combinations becomes quite monotonous, so don’t hesitate in taking inspiration from others. We see Masterchef contestants helping each other out and quite often giving new tips to each other as a team and that’s what makes the competition healthy. A good cook not only inspires others but also gets inspired from others.