5 Caribbean Dishes You Ought to Taste Before You Die

Caribbean food is an impeccable blend of various cultures topped with native island spices and herbs that compose a captivating taste and a desirable aroma – it’s a marriage of flavors. While the islands have innumerable recipes to offer, there are certain extremely popular recipes that are worth a shot. Every human must, at least once in a lifetime, try Caribbean recipes. And, if somebody is a food lover, they can never deny the inclination that immediately develops for Caribbean recipes. Here is worked out list of 5 Caribbean recipes that you should try before you die.

  1. Chicken Jerk Pasta

This creamy, sweet and spicy dish is crafted out of ingredients such as boneless chicken breasts, butter, asparagus, mushroom, parsley and hair pasta. This recipe is incomplete without Caribbean jerk seasoning that provides the popular flavor and befitting name.


  1. Caribbean Rice and Beans

This is one dish that both non-vegetarians and vegans will love. It is possible to cook it with either chicken or vegetable stock. Ready in less than five minutes, this culinary delight comprises of scotch bonnet pepper, black beans and rice wine vinegar coupled with either chicken or veggie stock. It can be served with hot sauce, preferably Tabasco.

  1. Jerk Chicken Wings

This is another recipe that consists of Caribbean jerk seasoning. Prepare sauce and rub seasoning into chicken. The chicken then has to be grilled and the dish is ready to mesmerize you within twenty minutes. Mustard barbecue sauce, brown sugar, some crushed pineapple and ginger are the components that comprise the flavor of Jerk Chicken Wings when coupled with chicken wings and Caribbean Jerk seasoning.

  1. Coconut and Bean Soup

If Caribbean cuisine is a haven for non-vegetarian foodies, it is also a great eating place for the vegetarians. This dish is one that exemplifies the idea of Caribbean as a great food hub. Ready to serve within 30 minutes, this dish has the essence of sunflower oil, a little red pepper, scotch bonnet chili, garlic cloves, thyme, allspice, plum tomatoes, vegetable stocks, kidney beans, pinto beans, black-eyed beans, coconut milk and lime.

Ladle the cooked soup into bowls and scatter with spring onions to serve.


  1. Avocado Salad

For the health conscious and the fruit lovers, this dish stands tall among great Caribbean dishes and has an image of its own. That is obviously beyond the ambit of a salad but this simple dish has sharp and sweet flavors to offer. With the stunning flavors of pumpkin seeds, papaya, watercress, fresh mint, juice of lime and olive oil; avocados form a blend that turns out to be a superb salad with a tendency to keep you coming back for more. The taste of Avocado salad is something you cannot have enough of.

These five dishes are bound to make you drool and fall in love with Caribbean cuisine. In a world, which is deluged with recipes, it is no surprise that you would not find enough time to try them all. But, these Caribbean dishes are some things worth a try. Before the concept of time ceases to exist, step out and try these dishes.

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