8 Things I learnt about Cooking from Masterchef

We all love Masterchef and not just because the show’s judges are handsome and charming but also because of the format of the show, the contestants’ heart-warming stories and the cooking challenges. There has been genuine sweat and tears, culinary fireworks and flops and delightfully nonsensical babble about food. The show has become a popular favourite because it connects with its audience and also because it’s quite addictive once you start watching it. A lot of us learnt a lot of tips and techniques for cooking from the programme but apart from what ingredient should be added to what dish, we also learnt quite a few life lessons about cooking that’ll help us in a long time to come. Here’s what I learnt from the show-

  1. Be Inventive! – Masterchef judges are always pleased with the contestants who take a little risk or show a bit of initiative. You must be inventive and try out new flavour combinations, but within reason, since there is a line between genius and insanity when it comes to cooking. For example, vanilla mash worked out wonderfully for a contestant but blue cheese ice cream didn’t, so don’t restrict yourself with mainstream flavours and try out other combination of ingredients and cooking styles as well.


  2. Stay Calm – Cooking is not a tedious activity only if you do not make it one. Stay calm in the kitchen and plan out what you need to do step by step and do not make rash decisions just because of time constraint. Remember slow and steady wins the race? Here, you’ll win hearts with your cooking.
  3. Keep it simple – This is the trick which helps most of the contestants when they are nervous and have no idea of what to do. To avoid over complication and confusion, realize that keeping it simple is better than ruining the whole dish by adding 15 ingredients and giving it a long name.
  4. Be passionate – Cooking is an art and if you’re not passionate enough while cooking, it does show on your plate. Dedicate yourself completely and learn to focus even in a chaotic environment and praises will come your way. It’s good to be passionate but don’t forget to be humble. Always appreciate advice and criticism.
  5. Don’t be too messy – We all know that cooking can be really messy at times but to focus better you need a cleaner environment. Also, a messy chef means messy food. So, try to clear up your space whenever it gets too messy and you are not able to concentrate.
  6. Presentation matters – Your food may be quite flavoursome but if it’s not presented in the right way, your hard work in getting the flavours right goes to waste. A well-presented dish pleases the eye of the judges and they get more excited about tasting the dish. You must get the visuals of your dish right because it’s the first sensation the recipient will get from your food.
  7. Be creative – Don’t shy away from being creative in the kitchen. Re-invent old classics and try making your own dressing for salads. Even if it doesn’t taste good in the first try, you’ll learn from your mistake and perfect the dish the next time.
  8. Inspire and Be Inspired – Cooking with the same techniques and flavour combinations becomes quite monotonous, so don’t hesitate in taking inspiration from others. We see Masterchef contestants helping each other out and quite often giving new tips to each other as a team and that’s what makes the competition healthy. A good cook not only inspires others but also gets inspired from others.

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