Caribbean Cuisine – What Makes It so Irresistible

The group of countries where stellar athletes and blissful people galore also has a great taste in food. While trying Caribbean cuisine provides an impulse of trying something new, the food in guaranteed to get you back, craving for more. There are certain aspects of Caribbean cuisine that make it irresistible. Let’s see what they are –

  1. Versatility

Caribbean cuisine is an immaculate conglomerate of African, American, Indian, Arab and Chinese cuisines. With this sort of diversity, the Caribbean cuisine is replete with innumerable recipes that have a tendency of tickling your taste buds.


  1. Common Ingredients

Even with wide range of recipes to choose from, the commonly used ingredients are basic and can be found in common households. What makes a recipe different is the innovation that led to its existence and a fitting blend of spices that is the quintessence of the Caribbean. The commonly used ingredients are: rice, beans, cilantro, chickpeas, tomatoes, sweet potato, coconuts etc. Besides, meat also constitutes such ingredients – beef, poultry, pork and fish can be easily found in many recipes.

  1. The Rum Cake

As the name suggests, this cake contains rum. A traditional holiday dessert, this serves as the best choice when you are out on the beach with friends. Also, the raisins and other dry fruits used in making this cake are also soaked in rum. Needless to say, one might become intoxicated if they happen to fall in love with rum cake.

  1. The Succulent Meat

Meat is widespread throughout the Caribbean. Most of the remarkable Caribbean recipes are built on meat marinated with ginger, lime and chilies. While poultry is an essential component of many recipes, Caribbean cuisine doesn’t fail in catering to the tastes of vegans. The Caribbean cuisine is also pregnant with veggie recipes that taste and feel equally good.

  1. Fresh food

Usage of fresh ingredients forms the essence of Caribbean cooking. The recipes are amazingly enhanced by island spices and herbs that also add to the flavor of dishes on the platter. The Caribbean food is an incredible combination of multicultural influences and tropical flavors that has a history that started gaining ground centuries ago.


  1. Multicultural Influences

As stated earlier, Caribbean cuisine is highly influenced by the occident and the orient alike. It boasts of culinary influxes from England, France, Spain and China. African slavery in the Caribbean played an important role in molding and framing of the cuisine that can be seen around. Spanish and Chinese influences can be figured out from various recipes that are highly tendacious to these cultures. Apart from that, the Caribbean cuisine has managed to create a reputation of its own with the help of foreign inspirations.

Some popular Caribbean dishes are jerk chicken pasta, coconut shrimp and barbecue ribs.

With so much to offer, the Caribbean is quite a haven for food lovers. It has a never ending range to offer along with flavors that have all sort of taste buds falling in love with it. Try Caribbean food today!

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