How to Use Your Charcoal Grill as a Smoker?

When it comes to charcoal grills people don’t understand that best indooor grills can be used as a smokers too, people insists on buying a smoker instead but what I feel like asking is why do you want to waste money on buying something that you already have , yes something that you already have , if you have a charcoal grill and you want to smoke something you don’t need to buy a smoker you can simply turn your Weber 15501001 Charcoal Grill into one you would feel it’s better to buy one why would anyone want to put extra efforts but trust me you don’t have to put any extra efforts you just need to read what I’m writing.

If you are cool with grilling on a charcoal grill then you have nothing to worry about what I mean here is that if you know how to work with indirect heat things would be easier for you when t comes to smoking on a grill. Follow the steps mentioned below to use your grill as a smoker –

1. Fill your chimney with about 1/3 briquettes.

2. Once all the briquettes are properly lit, pour charcoal over on side of the grate.

3. You can use charcoal basket if you wish to as they hold charcoals/coal close to each other and it helps in burning them slowly.

4. On one side of the grate you need to put all of the coal that you have and on the other side, you need to put a foil pan, a large and disposable one.

5. Once you get done with placing it , be careful and pour 2 to 3 cups of water on the pan, the water in the pan plays very important role in the smoking as it helps maintain really low temperature which we all know is need for smoking it not only helps in maintaining the temperature to also produces moisture .

6. Give 30 mins to 1 hour to the coal to burn fully and to water to heat properly.

7. Drop some wood chips on the coals directly, place your meat on the top part of grate which you are using for cooking over the pan (water pan) and then cover your grill properly.

8. If necessary add more coal to maintain the temperature.

See how easy it was to turn your grill into a smoker and I believe it is not much work, at least it’s better than spending a lot of your money on a brand new smoker now you can save that money or take your wife or son or any other member for shopping and then get back home and smoke some meat for them on yourself made smoker and don’t forget to tell them that the meat they would be eating would b smoked on a grill and if they don’t believe you just the way you were not believing me, show them how you yourself turned your charcoal grill into an amazing charcoal smoker. Think and you would realize that something which you wish to buy you already have.

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