Non Stick Pans v/s Normal Pans – Choose Wisely

The invention of Teflon was accidental yet it changed the cooking techniques of this world. Cooking now became nonstick and more and more people desired to own non-stick pans. Cooking an omelet became easier because it now it did not stick to the pan. But today the asseveration that nonstick pans were revolutionary is being contested. Today, we will discuss how nonstick pans and normal pans are different when it comes to cooking (which is their task obviously).


  1. Utility

Nonstick pans are generally used when very high temperatures are not in the picture. Nonstick pans are great for delicate items that do not require high temperatures as food doesn’t stick. Whereas, normal or stainless steel pans find great utility in stove-top cooking techniques such as sautéing, searing and pan roasting. Nonstick pans are good for low-fat cooking, eggs, and pancakes while normal or stainless steel pans are great surfaces for overall cooking. Also, stainless steel pans or cast iron pans are better for pan sauces. Hence, nonstick pans do not have a very wide range of utility.

  1. Convenience

Non-stick pans are very convenient and are considered to be the most widely chosen options for eggs and flaky varieties of fish. Nonstick pans are lightweight whereas normal pans can be very heavy. As the name suggests, food doesn’t stick to the surface of nonstick pans but when it comes to normal pans, it depends on the method of cooking. Food may or may not stick on the surface of normal pans – this is governed by the temperatures that a pan may be subjected to.

  1. Maintenance

Nonstick pans are not easy to maintain when compared to normal pans at high heats. It is a known fact that the Teflon coating on nonstick pans is prone to scratching and can wear away easily. It must be ensured that nonstick pans are not subjected to very high temperatures and that the other utensils used for cooking are not abrasive or sharp. Wooden or silicone spatulas are recommended when using nonstick pans. Moreover, nonstick pans should not be used in the oven. Whereas, the normal plans do require attention during use but there are hardly any restrictions on using them with sharp objects. Normal pans are almost always durable while nonstick pans do not have a stellar lifetime.

  1. Some facts

The idea that a nonstick coating can be hazardous to health is a dogma. There is no scientific evidence to vindicate the asseveration. The EPA and FDA have laid claims that Teflon particulates cannot affect human health in any way – though wearing away of Teflon coating with every usage continuous to be an issue. Also, many culinary authorities around the world vehemently stand against the usage of all types of nonstick vessels. Normal pans are nonreactive while Teflon is considered somewhat reactive. As a matter of fact, normal pants are bright and it is easy to see food being cooked while nonstick pans are dark.


Above facts are aimed at helping to put out the dilemma regarding the choice of pans. You are advised to assess your usage requirements before you go on choosing a plan for yourself.

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